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Follow the below steps to setup section on your website in not time and get familiar with its usage


Register & Set up

Sections on your website

First, to be able to work on "Sections" you have to register on sections to open a new project and configure it with your parameters by following the steps below:

Create an account

To get started create an account by entering your personal information and the Website URL

Set up Sections

Get you project ID to configure Sections on your website by following the steps below:

> You can either user our Vue-CLI plugin for an easy setup

> OR you can read our docs for custom front end integration of Sections

The below examples are based on the nuxt-sections library, if you wish to build your own sections client make sure to cover these steps


Create pages

on Sections

Sections needs to reference the page to properly store its content in its system, to proceed, setup sections on a new page and declare it in sections. Once the page is created, you can start adding sections to it.


Add Sections to your page

preview it and publish it

With a page in place, you can start adding sections to it, while editing the page all you are seeing is not published yet. Save the page to publish your changes to the world.


Load your page and its

content in a snap

To load a page and its content in a snap you simply have to load it from sections to feed your frontend code with the right data. You are free to use any technology you want to render the page.

Our vue-js library takes care of that for you out of the box

Know more about the Sections types available for your pages

Local Section
Position in the page
Static Section
Position in the page
Static storage
Dynamic Section
Position in the page
Simple backend processing
Configurable Section
Position in the page
Configurable backend processing

Get started & open an

account with Sections

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To register

With Sections speed up the API of your website or your mobile app. From a simple landing page to a microservices API gateway, Sections can adapt to a wide range of use cases.

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