• What is Sections ?

Sections is an API accelerator, you can plug your own API to sections and it boosts the API response time by splitting the overall rendering into smaller chunks (or sections).

  • What's the main benefit I'll gain by using Sections ?

Sections was written with performance in mind, rendering an API will hover around 50ms, up to 100ms when using third party APIs for dynamic content.

  • Can I use Sections without coding ?

Accelerating APIs require that you somehow connect to the API. Till date this require a minimum amount of code to be written. We've developed a series of tools to accelerate

the setup of Sections on a website built under VueJS or NuxtJS, these are open source and you are free to suggest PRs if you identify an interesting use case to cover.

We're slowly expanding these tools to other technologies and will soon provide a no-code solution though.

  • I'm a web frontend developer, how can I benefit from Sections ?

You can either start a new VueJS/NuxtJs project using one of our library to build a new website using Sections in under 5 minutes. You can also plug your project to Sections API

by following our extensive API documentation.

  • I'm a mobile app developer, how can I benefit from Sections ?

You can speed up the time it takes for your application screens to load content by using Sections API to either communicate directly with your own API and leverage content splitting,

or by interfacing Sections with the different third-party APIs/webservices rely on and let Sections do its magic.

With Sections speed up the API of your website or your mobile app. From a simple landing page to a microservices API gateway, Sections can adapt to a wide range of use cases.

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